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Gorman Paving is working hard every day to help make your city a safer place. You may occasionally see workers alongside the road laying down and smoothing asphalt, either to replace an old and worn-out road or to cover the cracks in an existing roadway. These efforts make your roads safe to drive on. Gorman Paving, along with civil engineers and other highly specialized employees of your city, plans and design the safest roadways possible.

Gorman Paving doesn't just work on commercial or public jobs. You can call Gorman Paving if you need a new driveway, walkway, or pathway.

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Asphalt Paving

Asphalt or blacktop driveways are typically the least expensive paved surface of choice for the homebuilder or homeowner. However, lower cost does not translate into an inferior product. In fact, a blacktop drive that is installed with great care can last for thirty or more years with little effort. The secret lies in a good foundation of solid soil, topped with six inches of crushed gravel base beneath the asphalt.

Gorman Paving specialize in creating smooth, flat surfaces from asphalt. Asphalt is typically used for driveways, walking paths, and roads. Basically, asphalt is useful in any scenario where you need a smooth, strong, and flexible surface for foot traffic or vehicles. Asphalt is popular, simply because it is cheap and easy to maintain. Typical asphalt installed by Gorman Paving can last up to twenty years, depending on how well it is maintained and how hard it's used.

Gorman Paving places traditional asphalt while it's at an extremely high temperature, often called "hot-mix" asphalt. Both the mix itself and the outdoor weather must be hot in order for the asphalt to "cure" properly. Warm-mix asphalt, on the other hand, can be installed by Gorman Paving in much lower temperatures. Warm-mix asphalt is ideal for use on cooler days. There are specific benefits to using it, including the fact that it is easier to work with and uses less fuel, allowing for a lower cost to you. Another benefit is that there are lower levels of harmful gases emitted.

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Concrete Paving

With Gorman Paving's concrete paving services, you get long-lasting concrete with considerable compressive strength. You also get a team committed to unsurpassed quality and professionalism. We show up and deliver on time and on budget — every time.

Because concrete can support heavy loads, it’s typically used in areas such as dumpster pads or loading areas. Long-lasting concrete requires very little maintenance over decades of service life, for curbs, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. It’s also used for drainage areas because it doesn’t absorb water and lasts longer than other construction materials. We can help you decide the best material and approach for any area you’re considering.

Our grading and roadbed preparation ensure long service life for the concrete paving of small aprons or large parking lots, and any size driveway or private residential lane. Our experienced concrete workers set the forms, place the mix properly, and finish the surface carefully on jobs of any size, small to large. Concrete surfaces are very long-lasting, easy-to-clean, non-sticky in hot weather, odor-free, and low-maintenance. Various surface finishing effects and colors can provide a distinctive appearance to farm lanes, parking lots, walks, or aprons.

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Chip Sealing

While asphalt requires periodic sealing and repairs, the chip and seal method is relatively maintenance free. Rural roads throughout the country have traditionally used chip seal driving surfaces. The “chip and seal” method employs (HFE 90) liquid asphalt heated to 160 degrees sprayed over a gravel base. As clear-cut as this process seems, it requires the most experience and skill of all surfacing applications.

Chip and seal is offered with a black appearance, as well as color options such as Wisconsin river rock, blue stone, Merrimac and pea stone. All stone used in chip and seal offers high durability and a rougher surface than asphalt, providing extra grip in wet or snowy weather.

Steel edging is installed after the preparation of a driveway bed, and before the driveway medium is applied. A quarter-inch wide by five-inch high quality American made steel will frame and support your driveway to avoid premature collapse from regular use. Decorative edging in brick or concrete options are also available.

Chip sealing is a process that incorporates a properly prepared and graded road, and a surface treatment consisting of aggregate bound in place by asphalt emulsion chip oil (glue). The surface can have an infinite number of alternating layers of oil and aggregate, oil and aggregate, etc.

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Seal Coating

Gorman Paving provides professional seal-coating of asphalt surfaces, and detailed repairs of cracks and potholes for residential driveways and commercial businesses. Neat hand-brush precision application, the use of commercial grade sealer and over forty years of experience makes the difference.

Protect your investment. Seal-coating is a low-cost way to protect expensive asphalt pavement, and to improve the overall look of your property. It provides a barrier, minimizing the damage caused by:

  • Evaporation of solvents in the pavement. Sunlight, whitens and dries out the surface. As a result asphalt can become brittle and prone to cracking.
  • Water and ice entering cracks, which expand during freeze and thaw cycles.
  • Oil and gas spills are repelled on a seal-coated surface.

Thorough cleaning is necessary for proper adhesion. Vegetation is removed from cracks, dirt spots are scraped, then wire brushed, and the entire surface is cleaned with power blowers. Oil spots are then wiped cleaned and coated with a special primer designed for proper binding of sealer over oily areas.

Crack Repair
Major cracks require individual hand application of an elastic filler expressly made for crack repair to seal from damaging moisture. Heavily cracked and damaged areas cannot be filled. Careful hand brush application of the sealer provides neat edges and uniform thickness.

Asphalt Patching
Some pavements require additional repairs prior to sealcoating. Small potholes are filled with cold asphalt patch, while hot asphalt may be required for large repairs.

Environmentally Friendly Sealer
A sealcoat pavement with asphalt based sealer (non-coal tar), with hand-brush application leaving a flat finish. Latex agents are added to increase durability, darken the color, and shorten the drying time.

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Although asphalt has a long life, it does have weaknesses. Potential problems with asphalt include the possibility of cracks (if exposed to extreme variations in temperatures), potholes, and crumbling edges. Gorman Paving can seal coat your drive, which generally protects against the elements for two years. You may also need Gorman Paving to seal cracks in your driveway over time.

Cracks and holes may form in your driveway due to water exposure. Water that has seeped under the uppermost asphalt layer can weaken the layers underneath. Then, when weight is put on it, it can fracture. This is why Gorman Paving recommends seal coating and regularly checking for cracks in your driveway's surface. When an already wet driveway is subjected to extreme variations in temperature, the repeated freeze-thaw cycle creates a pocket of air beneath the surface of the driveway. Eventually, the top layer gives in, exposing the hole beneath. This is how potholes are created. Gorman Paving can help protect your drive against potholes, and you should check your drive regularly for weak spots. If your driveway has more than two or three potholes, it may need to be entirely replaced.

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Where We Work

We are proud to work in numerous communities throughout Oklahoma.

We are a family-owned and operated business, with small town values. We use the latest technology and equipment, and we are knowledgeable about our work. Our professionally trained crew will arrive on time, and leave you with a great new farm lane, parking lot, or driveway.

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